New Site Comming Soon!!!

So excited to new website is almost done!! The amazing Ryan is not only designing my website, but has also completed and refined my logo. His flash work is out. of. this. WORLD. And I fell in love with his work years ago. I kept putting off my branding business face-lift because of silly reasons, or fear or cost or lack of recently I searched around for web designers and kept being pulled back to Ryan's work. I can NOT wait till you see what's in store!!

My new website address can be found HERE so come back soon to see it up and live!

Here's what I gave him for ideas for my logo:


And here is what he came up with:


It is a FLASH site, so unless you are on a desktop computer, laptop or cell phone that can support won't be able to see the full movement and animation of the site. But I will have an HTML blog that you can view at anytime with any device.

Can't wait!! Thanks also to all my friends and family that have listen to me ask, sooo what about this idea!? :) How about this!? And many more thanks for the advice and suggestions I got from you!! Means a ton!