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Mike Becchio

My good friends Mike has made a Christian CD. Below are scanned pictures of his cover. His wife designed the cover with the pictures I took a few months ago at the mission. They are a wonderful God centered family that just wants to serve the Lord. If you are interested in buying this CD, the link is below.

"I've come to realize, after looking over the songs the Lord has brought forth in me, that most of them are directly related to Identity. God has spent the last couple years revealing who I am in His eyes, according to His Word, His character and His name: Father. I spent much of the first couple years of my faith struggling with a competitive and comparative spirit, and a religious and critical spirit. I tried to earn God's love through service, ministry and devotion. I judged others and elevated myself through comparison so I could be more at peace in my standing with God. I now know that Satan had me in defeat with those lies. True peace comes from who I am in God's eyes, regardless of circumstances, personal effort, ministries, others, or even my sin.
The Blessed Spirit has taught and shown me the reality of my position in Christ Jesus. I am forgiven; I am righteous through Him; I am a child of my father; I am a prince in His kingdom; I am a saint by His blood; there truly is "now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."
Father loves us as we are and nothing can separate us from that love (Rom. 8:28.39). That's a glorious truth of the gospel. What's done is done; and we whom the Son has set free are Free Indeed.
May the truth in these songs minister to you and reveal the Father's heart, and what the Spirit so badly desires us to get... our Identity."

-Mike Becchio, 2008